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The content of this site is written by Mark Elsom-Cook.

He has been a software developer since 1974 and a deliverer of Agile projects for over 20 years. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and was a Professor of Computer Science. Since 2005 he has been an independent consultant to major organisations on software design and development.

Personal statement

I was one of many developers who reacted against 'old-style' development in the 1980's. We each created alternative ways to do things. The Agile Manifesto pulled many ideas together into a coherent framework. It is mostly good - even after all this time. I am amazed that something so coherent and long-lasting was produced. I was not involved in the development of the manifesto.

Many people who have claimed to be Agile or taken it on-board have missed the point. I have taught thousands of courses over the years, and find that misconceptions about what the manifesto means are prolific. This site is an attempt to address those key misunderstandings. In particular, I want people to realise that Agile is a way of thinking, not just 'another methodology'. It is not intended to replace other sites, but perhaps to help bridge the gap between the basic statements in the manifesto and the specific methods and approaches offered elsewhere.

The site is also informed by trying to make Agile work in a wide variety of organisations - small and large, commercial and government.

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